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Shri Dayal Natural Spine Care has been established with the objective of improving the overall health of people through Naturopathy and Ayurveda. It is based on a unique protocol that prescribes individual treatment programs and custom-formulated medicines for each patient by our Ayurveda experts.

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Shri Dayal
Natural Spine Care is a multipurpose herbal center located in the center of
Jaipur just steps away from Durgapura railway station specializing in Ayurveda
and Naturopathy. Where we provide treatments under the guidance and supervision
of our Ayurveda specialists. In Shri Dayal Natural Spine Care, ancient
practices used blending techniques with Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama and
Meditation. Our expertise is professionalism and satisfaction of all customers
is our top priority.

As part of Shri Dayal Spine Care, Shri Dayal Herbal Pharmacy is a pioneer in the manufacture of classical as well as proprietary medicines. We developed ancient formulations in proprietary medicine after a series of tests and research studies conducted in our laboratory. All our products are cent percent of Indian origin, which helps us trust the product quality. The nutritious value of every plant, herb or fruit is examined. Shri Dayal Herbal, range of unique products are natural and carry no harmful preservatives. Health benefits are being kept on mind while producing these natural products.

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Our Mission

Dedicated to
provide healthy lifestyle through an overall natural process. 
Our motive is to bring you the finest and the most natural elements through our wide range of products, which enable you find the joy of living. These products are only available at Shri Dayal Herbal and are produced in the pristine atmosphere and highly serene conditions and verified for mass production.

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