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best homeopathy medicine for heart

best Homeopathy medicine for Heart

homeopathy medicine for heart disease

Digitalis homeopathy remedies for heart

Digitalis is one of the best homeopathy medicine for heart disease. Sudden flashes of heat, extreme prostration, feels as if he were dying followed by great nervous weakness and irregular intermitting pulse, occurring at climacteric, aggravation by motion. the least movement causes violent palpitation and sensation as if it would cease beating if he moves, sudden sensation as if the heart stood still.

Pulse – irregular, very slow and weak, intermittent every 3rd, 5th or 7th beat, inequality of pulse it varies esp. mitral diseases sudden loss of consciousness occur when being raised to an upright position. frequent stitches in the heart, dilatation with hypertrophy of the heart. cardiac dropsy with suppressed urine.
Cardiac failure following fever. weak chest, can not bear to talk. the blueness of skin, eyelids, lips, tongue, and face. Pericarditis, copious serous exudation. Attacks of angina aggravation by raising arms. Heart tired after sprains. Palpitation with depression from grief

useful homeopathy medicine for the heart – Cactus Grandiflorus

Acts are the best beginning to happen or develop cardiac incompetence.
Heart feels as if clasped and unclasped rapidly by an iron band, as if bound, palpitations day and night aggravation by walking, lying of the left side, at the approach of menses. endocarditis with mitral insufficiency together with violent and rapid action.

heart weakness of arteriosclerosis. angina pectoris, with suffocation, cold sweat, and ever-present iron band feeling. pain in the apex, shooting down the left arm.
endocardial murmurs, excessive impulse, increased precordial dullness, enlargement ventricle. Constriction, very acute pains and stitches in heart, pulse feeble, irregular, quick, without strength. Irregular and intermittent action, after forceps delivery. As if the heart would fly to pieces on holding the breath and Pulsations increase on holding the breath. Aneurism of large arteries and heart.

Spigelia anthelmia

most popular homeopathy medicine for heart disease. acute rheumatic carditis and pericarditis -neuralgic sharp, shooting pains from the heart to back and radiating down the arms, chest, and spine. heart oppression, frequent and violent palpitations from any movement of arm and body, least motion, bending forward. great dyspnea on changing position with the tumultuous beating of the heart. dyspnoea must lie on the right side with a high head. Felt as if the heart were compressed with a hand. systolic blowing at the apex with stitching pains synchronous with pulse aggravation by motion, cold, wet weather. angina pectoris, craving for hot water which relieves.

Adonis Vernalis

Acts predominantly on the heart when it is affected after rheumatism, influenza, or nephritis, where the muscles of the heart are in the stage of fatty degeneration.

It regulates the pulse, and increases the contracting power of the heart, with increased urinary secretion.
It is valuable in cardiac dropsy, hydrothorax, ascites, and anasarca.

Compensatory hypertrophy of the heart in cardiac stenosis, mitral and aortic regurgitation.
useful in Chronic aortitis, cardiac asthma, pericarditis and Rheumatic Endocarditis. Myocarditis, irregular cardiac action, constriction, and vertigo. Pulse rapid, irregular with sharp precordial pain, palpitation and dyspnoea. Pains wander from place to place.

Lilium tigrinum

Sensation as if the heart were grasped in a vise as if blood had aa gone to heart, Feels full to bursting inability to walk erect, Pulsations over the whole body and full, distended feeling as if blood would burst through the vessel. Palpitation, fluttering, faint, hurried, anxious sensation about apex, sharp pain in left chest awaken at night, very rapid and irregular pulse, extremities cold and covered with cold sweat aggravation after eating, lying on either side.

rapid heartbeat, 150 to 170/minutes. Pain in cardiac region, with the feeling of a load on the chest with Cold feeling about heart. Suffocating feeling in a crowded and warm room. Feels clutched, full to bursting, cold, weak, hanging by a thread. Angina pectoris, with pain in right arm aggravation by stooping, lying on right side and amelioration rubbing and pressure.


Feeling as if it were necessary to keep in motion, or else heart action would cease. slow pulse when quiet, but greatly accelerated on the motion. Palpitation, pulse soft, weak, full, and flowing. weak, slow pulse, almost perceptible of old age. dullness, dizziness, drowsiness, trembling, thirstless characterstic symtoms. pain in the heart when rising from the seat. stitches in the region of the heart.

Kalmia latifolia

In heart diseases that have developed from rheumatism or alternate with it. pulse slow, scarcely perceptible 35 or 40/ minute, pale face and cold extremities. the fluttering of heart, with anxiety.
palpitation worse bending forward, up to the throat, after going to the bed, trembling all over visible aggravation by lying on the left side.

tobacco heart. dyspnea and pressure from the epigastrium towards the heart. sharp pain takes away the breath. shooting through the chest above the heart into the shoulder blades. paroxysm of anguish around the heart.

Bryonia alba

sensation as if the chest were detached and falling into the abdomen. Beatings of the heart are frequently very strong and attended by oppression. Frequent sharp pain, stitching in cardiac region. burning in the chest with anxiety and tightness. frequent sharp, stitching in the cardiac region aggravation by motion and amelioration by lying down to rest only on the bed. pressure on the chest, as if from the weight with oppression. contractive pain in the chest, excited by cold air. heat and tension in the chest on walking.
shooting pain in the chest and sides, as from an ulcer especially when coughing or breathing.

Naja tripudians

Damaged heart after infectious diseases, and septic conditions. Dragging and anxiety in precordia. Feeling of weight on the heart. Angina pains extending to the nape of the neck left shoulder and arm with anxiety and fear of death. With the heart symptoms pain in the forehead and temples. Pulse irregular in force. Threatened paralysis of heart, body cold, pulse slow (up to 45/minute), weak, irregular, tremulous. Acute and chronic endocarditis.

Stitching pain in the region of the heart. Marked symptoms of low tension. Violent pain, shooting to the left scapula, shoulder, or neck, holds a hand over it aggravation after riding in the carriage. Visible palpitation, hypertrophy. Chronic nervous palpitation, agg. after public speaking, lying on the side.

Arsenic album

Arsenic Album is a very useful homeopathy medicine for Irritable heart in smokers and tobacco-chewers. angina pectoris with pain in the neck and occiput with anxiety, difficult breathing, and fainting spells. palpitation with anguish after the suppression of foot sweat. mentally patient extremely nervous, restlessness anxious. great weakness, a great palpitation, palpitation from least exertion or excitement. great anxiety, anguish can not to walk can not go upstairs, can hardly move without increasing the palpitation, every excitement brings on palpitation.

heart beat more rapidly and stronger when lying on the back. sudden tightness of the heart, agonizing precordial pain, and pain are maddening burning like fire, hot needles, or wires in the heart. pain causes shortness of breath or chilliness. pulse more rapid in the morning. palpitation and prostration seem to be out of proportion to the rest of his illness after stools. beats audible, visible pulsation, pulse thread like incompressible with cyanosis.

Crataegus oxyacantha

very useful in cardiac dropsy, fatty degeneration, and aortic disease. helps in myocarditis, failing compensation, irregularity of heart, insomnia of aortic sufferers, and high arterial tension. pain in the region of the heart and under the left clavicle aggravation from exertion, excitement. heart muscles are weak flabby and worn out, so this remedy is a great tonic for heart muscles called the cardiac tonic.

heart dilated, first sound weak. valvular murmurs, angina pectoris. cutaneous chilliness, blueness of fingers and toes. marked giddiness, low pulse, air hunger, and extreme dyspnea on least exertion without increased pulse rate.

Aurum metallicum

Ill effects of grief, fright, anger, disappointed love, contradiction, reserved displeasure. Sensation as if the heart stopped beating for two or three seconds, immediately followed by a tumultuous rebound, with sinking at epigastrium. when walking, the heart seems to shake as if it were loose. anxious palpitation compels him to stop. carotids and temporals arteries throb visibly.

pulse rapid, feeble, irregular. cardiac hypertrophy. high blood pressure, a nightly paroxysm of pain behind sternum. valvular lesions of arteriosclerotic nature. circulation disturbed, all blood seems to rush from head to lower limbs. heart bruised, sore aggravation from suppressed foot sweat.

Convallaria majalis

This medicine useful for heart affections and increases energy of heart actions renders it more regular. use when the ventricles are overdistended and dilatation of heart begins without compensatory hypertrophy and when marked venous stasis. when exercising, fluttering at heart, lasting about a minute, then face would get red with sensation as if heart stopped beating and would start again suddenly with faint, sick feeling aggravation after lying down, warm room.

feeling as if heart beat throughout the chest. palpitation from least exertion with marked orthopnea. also called tobacco heart especially when due to cigarettes. extremely rapid and irregular pulse. marked dyspnoea, aneuric tendency.


Dr Ramhari Meena

Founder & CEO - Shri Dayal Natural Spine Care. Chairmen - Divya Dayal Foundation (Trust) Founder & CEO - DrFindu Wellness

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Dr Ramhari Meena

Founder & CEO - Shri Dayal Natural Spine Care. Chairmen - Divya Dayal Foundation (Trust) Founder & CEO - DrFindu Wellness

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